Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The End of Caucasia!

Okay so... you probably shouldn't read this if you havent finished the book yet! I was sick yesterday so I decided to read ahead so I wouldnt have so much homework and I ended up finishing the book. As I was reading it I couldnt wait to find out what happens next, and if Birdie was going to find her dad and Cole or not. The dad, as usual disappointed me, I think I just really didn't like her parents. I felt so bad for Birdie, I mean he hasnt seen her in 6 years and all he can talk about is his stupid book!

I was really happy when Birdie found Cole, because it seemed like she was finally with her family. Cole disappointed me a little that she didnt try harder to find Birdie, but in a way her excuses made sense. Overall I really liked the book and it was my favorite for the class.


Andrew said...

Yeah the ending of the book was good but overall i think the book was mediocre it just kinda left me going left me saying, "ur point is what exactly" it was just that kind of book for me

Anthony Mystery said...

i did like a happy ending, something different from our previous readings. As i read it, it seemed like it went by fast and slow at the same time. A lot happened but it seemed to take a long time to develop. maybe it is just the wordy nature of Senna's writing. impressed overall.

Katie B. said...

I thought the book ended well, too. But felt the same way about the dad, it seemed like they fell right back into the teacher/student relationship they had had before.

Lindsey R said...

I agree.. The end of the book was very depressing hah. I was frustrated with her dad and cole that they didnt try as hard as she was.
I agree with andrew on the that question of what was the point?

But overall it was a good read up to the end :)